Benefits of living in North Cyprus

The main advantage of living in Northern Cyprus is getting all the perks of the Mediterranean lifestyle for a very attractive price. Indeed, in North Cyprus, your money can go much further than in most other popular retirement destinations.

Northern Cyprus is a sun-soaked, vibrant, historically rich, culturally diverse and beautiful part of the world, resting in the Mediterranean and at home both in Europe and the Middle East.

The northern part of the island is also arguably the most beautiful part of Cyprus, featuring dramatic Crusader castles, white colonial villages and miles of untouched, undeveloped sandy beaches.

Due to the fact that the northern part of the island is recognized only by Turkey, economically it is not as robust as South Cyprus and it still suffers embargoes. However, the cost of living and property in Northern Cyprus is much lower than in most European countries.

Many expat retirees use this advantage and settle in the northern part of Cyprus to make their pension income go even further.


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